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5 Critical steps to truly understanding your business

understanding your business

Claiming ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse for the lack of performance of your business. Business owners need to start taking ownership of their business’s success or failure and the only way to do so is to truly understand their business finances…

As I engage with new customers and ask about their books and finances, most answer that they are not numbers people and do not understand accounting. This is obviously the easy answer and always a clear indication that

  1. They have never had an accounting firm take the time to train and educate them around basic financial management, and/or
  2. They do not want to take ownership themselves for the performance of their business as it is much easier to claim ignorance as an excuse.

But I am here to tell you that you no longer need to hide behind either of these anymore!

“Know your numbers! It’s a fundamental precept of business!” – Bill Gates


If cash flow constraints, over-expenditure, and the lack of enough time to grow your business sound familiar, you can make massive headway by following these 5 easy steps.


Think of a budget as the backbone of your finances. Without this basic guide for your day-to-day and core business expenses, the future of your finances can fall flat.

It enables you to plan your finances, predict future scenarios, and measure what you have spent against what you have planned.

You can now have a clear indication of where you go wrong and what you have been doing right.

Cash flow

You plan every other area of your business, why not plan and control the flow of finances in your business?

By using trends and knowledge of customer receipts and supplier payments, you can set up a cash flow forecast.

Having a set plan means that you can be prepared for all unforeseeable expenditures. No more surprises when it comes to taxation and other legal compliances. Stock purchases and project planning will be so much easier.

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How often do you engage with the people managing your finances? I am not talking about your bank balances, knowing your financial data is what is important.

We are living in the technological era which enables you to hold your finances in the palm of your hand. It is as easy as opening your mobile device thanks to the wonder of cloud accounting.

You need to know what’s cooking in your books and know when to ask relevant questions. You need to be more involved in your business.


You need to have a game plan!

Discussing data acquired from the budget, cash flows and past trends is crucial. You will have a clear idea of when to save for a rainy day or when to stock up on inventory and resources needed for the coming peak seasons.

Your finances will be more controlled, you will know what to expect, and give your finance team relevant data to report on.

Be prepared

No more over expenditure and time-wasting as you control the outcomes. This requires you to continue learning and understanding what is going on in your business.

As your business keeps growing you will need these tools to ensure that you stay ahead. Being prepared for what’s next can now be easier than ever and you do not have to be a finance guru to be able to do that.

Do not be left in the dark. Take charge of your future and take the leap into understanding your finances and your business.

I would like to encourage you as a small business owner to follow our topics in the coming weeks as we will be showing you how to work on these key areas



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Palabadi Ramaphoko
Palabadi Ramaphoko
19:38 15 May 23
I'm impressed with the work you do. You are extremely professional and polite. I hope we will grow big together!
Deidre Oosthuysen
Deidre Oosthuysen
12:20 04 May 23
I feel as though Thrive CFO is a natural part of our business. 100% professional. Very knowledgeable. Incredibly organised. And with a work ethic and proactive communication practices, I know I am in the very best hands possible.
Sean Fabian
Sean Fabian
07:45 04 May 23
As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Thrive CFO, I can confidently say that they are an exceptional company with an unwavering dedication to their clients. From beginning to end, their commitment to providing top-tier financial services is evident in every interaction.One of the things that sets Thrive CFO apart is their focus on education. They take the time to educate their clients on financial best practices and help them understand the reasoning behind their recommendations. This approach ensures that clients are empowered to make informed decisions about their finances.Thrive CFO also uses the latest technology to streamline their services and make the financial management process as efficient as possible. They utilize cloud-based software to provide real-time financial data and make it easy for clients to access their financial information at any time.Overall, Thrive CFO is an exceptional company that is dedicated to providing personalised financial solutions that help their clients succeed. If you're looking for a financial firm that truly cares about your success, I highly recommend Thrive CFO.
Michael Dawson
Michael Dawson
15:48 02 May 23
Great experience with the team! Always willing to assist with questions and able to help guide my small business to ensure that I am compliant.
Riaan Schlebusch ITMC
Riaan Schlebusch ITMC
12:15 21 Apr 23
Professional, smart and friendly people.You only deal with the best of the best, and they know how to answer your questions, and they ensure that they understand you, and make they make sure to take the time to know your business.
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