Corona 2.0 – What does your post-Covid19 look like?

Any one who has been mauled by a wave crashing on top of you would know the feeling…the first thing you do when you come up gasping for air, is to look if there is a second wave about to hit. 🙂


It is part of survival mode to focus on the immediate challenge! But part of the strategy should also be to keep an eye on the short-term. How far am I from the beach? Are there any currents pulling me away from safety?

These are the questions we should ask in business as well. Adopt an approach where we plan for post-Covid19, all whilst we take care of the day-to-day in order to survive.

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Another wave about to hit?

Our immediate focus right now is to figure out if any more waves are about to hit?

We are under lockdown and some of us had to close down shop. The first wave plummeted us under water and we’re trying to catch our breath!

Possible further waves we have to be on the lookout for now, could include

  • loss of customers
  • difficulty to source new stock
  • running low on – or out of cash
  • struggling to collect from debtors
  • stuck in an industry that may be in the permanent firing line of the pandemic

Where is the beach?

As soon as you have caught your breath, you look for the beach. The beach is where safety is at!

We have to take off the fire-fighting hat and try and think down the road…a few weeks or months even. What will you have to do today in order to move you along to that place of safety. Which external factors would you need to overcome in order to get there. Will you have to put your hands in the air and call for help.

Knowing with more certainty what’s next puts us in more control. The more control we have, the better decisions we make. The last thing you would want to do is panic and try swimming against the current. We all know there is one eventuality in most such cases.

A great message that came on my path today served as a great reminder of exactly this message:


Corona 2.0

 Corona 2.0 – Small Business Support

We are ultimately trying to be of as much help as possible, to as many business owners as possible.

As a result, we are proud to bring you our Corona 2.0 – Small Business Support page.

You can access the page by clicking the link below to access our page, jam-packed full of useful resources.

Corona 2.0

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