Decided to work with us? This is what your 1st 6 months will look like.

The first six months is crucial for us to ensure that we get off to a great start! Injecting systems and processes into your consultancy or agency ensures we’re able to add value throughout our relationship.

xero accountants

Intimidated? No need!

If this journey looks a bit intimidating, it is a completely normal reaction. You however get to speak to us during every single step of the journey. The journey and outcome is not about us…it’s all about you! So we go through this at a pace that you and your team are comfortable with.

The values we live and breathe

How we work should be important to you. No old-school accountants here we’re afraid. Just innovative, tech driven, friendly faces that holds you and your business at the very centre of everything we do.

Team players

You don’t want to work in isolation and neither do we. We’re one team of pure collaboration making your business more efficient and profitable.

Friendly and approachable

You want someone that you can actually build a long-term relationship with. Our very 1st client is still one – 12 years later.

Results driven

If it doesn’t add value to both your business and ours, we won’t suggest it. Tracking results on a monthly basis ensures we drive your business forward. 


Always do what you say you’re going to do. We try and take that a step further. Always try and do more than you said you were going to do.


Illustrate that we care. We are ultimately business owners ourselves. We believe in being business owners first and accountants second.

Forward thinking

Big-picture thinking is what drives the growth in our firm. Always look ahead and find ways of positively impacting both our, and our clients’ lives.

The results are in!

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Data collection and crunching the numbers

This forms the foundational phase of your business financial management. Without it, there is no advisory. Our systemized approach to this ensures that we have squeaky clean accounts to work with, with minimal input and effort from your side. If there is one thing that shouldn’t take up any of your time, it is bookkeeping.


Ensure that all the financial data flowing through your agency or consultancy is collected with the most efficiency. But also has the least drain on your personal time. 

xero accountants
xero accountants
Supplier Management

Capture all the supplier invoices that have been billed to your business.

Expense Claims

Capture expenses that have been incurred by you and your staff.

Quality Control

Documented processes ensures consistency across the business.

Training & Support

We’ll train and manage key individuals fundamental to the process, underpinned by ongoing support.


Install a seamless compliance system into your consultancy or agency. This will not only ensure you meet your legal compliance, but have visibility of the system and understand how you and your team fit into this.

xero accountants

Reporting & Forecasting

We report on different intervals and throughout your financial year. These reports will help you achieve clarity and predictability about your future financial results as well as the steps needed to achieve them.

CFO Reporting

xero accountants
xero accountants
Financial Forecasting

Updated forward looking visibility of revenue secured and costs committed to, and how that compares to your budget.


Building an integrated 12-month model. Budgeting the next financial year with detailed analysis of all income and costs.

Actual variance reporting

How your actual results stacked up against your budget and updating the budget at each month-end.

Management Reporting

xero accountants

PDF Report

A comprehensive but clear report to help you understand how you are progressing in achieving your goals and stay the course.

Snapshot Video Report

A high-level video to give you a quick understanding of your report ahead of your meeting.

Pulse Meeting

These reports are followed up with a virtual of physical meeting to discuss the performance of your business and agree action points to move forward.

xero accountants

Join us! It will only take a minute