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Press Release: ThriveCFO welcomes The Accounting Company as our newest franchisee

ThriveCFO, a cloud accounting group of firms, offering solutions for the start-up & SME sector, teams up with The Accounting Company, which is joining the group as its newest franchisee. Currently operating from their offices in Edenvale, South Africa, The Accounting Company will now help expand the national footprint of the group of companies founded by Luan van Rhyn, back in 2007.


The Accounting Company combines its long-standing business experience with a passion for people. They have provided financial services and accounting support to start-ups and SMEs since 2013. With more than 50 years of combined corporate finance background, the team leaders bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

As qualified CA (SA)’s, the team brings a holistic approach to accounting that empowers their clients with the infrastructure and strategy they need to transform their business and achieve financial independence.

At The Accounting Company, this has enabled them to build a strong, competence-oriented team, providing advisory support to, and implementing financial plans for, their clients.

As a result of this approach, the team enables clients to smooth out their business journey to financial independence by providing advisory insight to make the best decisions available, whilst helping them execute the details along the way.


“We are very selective in whom we work with. Not only clients but also Franchisees that we hand the proverbial “keys”. We were therefore very happy when our paths crossed with Joanne and Beverley, as there was an immediate alignment. It’s important to share a similar vision with our partners, and we feel strongly that that is exactly what we have in The Accounting Company leadership team and their staff. A shared vision and similar values will see to our continued exponential growth in the South African SME market.”

Luan van Rhyn, CEO at ThriveCFO

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The Accounting Company champions a modern, tech-based firm that delivers reliable results without losing the personal touch with its clients. They are relentlessly focusing on promoting the following values in the running of their practice: responsibility, engagement and innovative activity, integrity, and mutual respect, as well as open communication. They believe that with a strong financial plan in place, clients know that they are building toward both the short-term and long-term future. They help them put the structures and systems in place to create a financial ecosystem that makes independence and automation that much simpler.


“We’ve searched long and hard to find a business partner whose values and vision are in line with ours. A partner who will encourage us, who values our knowledge and expertise, and who will celebrate our continued efforts to make a difference to our clients. The TAC team is beyond excited to join the ThriveCFO family. We’re all looking forward to working with and being a part of a future-orientated brand, an accounting firm that sees beyond the numbers and is making moves to support clients in all spheres of business.”

Joanne Scott, Team Leader at The Accounting Company


Being able to understand business allows The Accounting Company to work effectively in the area of SME finance, especially in businesses at stages of rapid growth, which face the challenges that are typical of this scaling phase.

To find out more about the Team Leaders heading up The Accounting Company, you can visit their respective LinkedIn profiles

Joanne Scott CA (SA)               –           LinkedIn Profile

Beverley Scott CA (SA)            –           LinkedIn Profile

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