Regardless of the industry we operate in, we all have a passion for something that we absolutely love doing. It is human nature for us to invest a lot of time into these things and as a result, we also know a lot about them! My executive coach used to joke often about the student becoming the teacher :). It is now the perfect opportunity to marry the love you have for, with the knowledge you have of that one thing that makes you tick.

It’s time to create a knowledge product!

There has been no better time in history for you to slowly shift into entrepreneurship, than now. Whether you are an aspiring 1st time business owner starting a side-hustle, or existing business owner looking to branch out. Now is the time.

Never before have we had access to best in class digital tools for literally a few hundred bucks a month. You can get your corporate ID, branding and marketing material done with some free tools over a weekend. You are able to reach consumers looking for your knowledge and guidance right on their couch whilst mindlessly scrolling on their smartphones.

How privileged are we to live in such a special time, where anyone with the passion and hunger to make something happen, had the means and opportunity to do so.

Louise recently posted the following on one of my video threads on LinkedIn

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Different industries. Same rules.

My view personally, is that knowledge – or information products are not exclusive to certain industries only.

If Louise was a coaching client, I would have probably had the following “out-of-the-box” conversation to try and brainstorm some ideas.

She obviously loves knitting as she mentioned in her message above. My guess is that she also spend a fair amount of her time, on this exercise. So, I am wondering how many people out there, would love to learn to be able to knit, themselves? Whether to save some money by being able to make your own clothes, or to start producing your own line of high-end, handmade items to sell online.

Either way, my gut feel is that there is an audience out there right now, looking for the knowledge that Louise currently owns.

A strategy could be to develop an online beginners course that she could deliver to a subscription based audience on a weekly basis. She could deliver this with a drip-fed email newsletter that contains how-to videos along with instructions on how to start as a newby.

This could be reinforced in the form of Facebook and Instagram posts of her design ideas in order to connect with – and grow her audience.


Your hobby could become your side-hustle

The bottom-line is, most of us have some sort of knowledge that could be shared. In turn this knowledge could add value to someone keen on learning more about that topic.

My very basic list to get this started:

  • What do you absolutely love doing and don’t mind spending hours of your time, doing?
  • Who is the person that could possibly be looking for the information you have or learn what you’re already an expert at?
  • Where would be the ideal place for them to find your service and how would they consume your information
  • What software/subscriptions would you need to deliver the product?

KISS [Keep It Simple, Stupid]

The key take-away for anyway on a similar journey like Louise’s, is to keep things simple.

Complication kills passion and passion fuels growth!

So start off small and with only the basics…focus on one product and one ideal customer at a time. Only advice I can add to that, in the infamous words borrowed from Nike…

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