From day one of working with people like Luan and Melissa, it was just a match for a relationship. We share so much in terms of values and integrity. That made the decision to switch to ThriveCFO one of the easiest decisions to make, and we haven’t regretted it since.

Retha Botha
FSP Solutions

Can you relate with Michael, Reinhardt and Nico?

As we ONboarded our latest clients, we were reminded about how far the accounting industry still has to go. Exactly how much still needs to be done to get all firms to meet the clients where they are. During their respective Discovery Calls we heard, amongst other things:

7 weeks old

“Our latest family member is 7 weeks old. I really have to make my business work now.”


“Would you mind telling me what Management Accounts are, as I’ve never seen one in 9 years.”

Grudge purchase

“We don’t really know what we’re paying for…We just received a R40k invoice and they couldn’t really tell us what it was for”

Time to outsource

“We are spending way too much time in our own books whilst nobody is steering or growing the business.”

Too close

“I was just asked to submit my books to my accountant…a week before my financial year-end. I am scared of what taxes might pop out!”

Wait a minute. That sounds like me!

Apart from the above real-life examples, there are a number of reasons why you may consider switching accountants. Apart from appointing an accountant that “gets you”, those reasons could also include…

Lack of support

Running a business can be very lonely. Sometimes you just wish you had someone on your team to support you.

Behind on technology

You know using tech will make your life easier, but they’re not on board. Instead you’re drowning in paperwork.

Compliance mindset

Business success doesn’t come from filing returns. You wish someone could help you better understand your numbers and prepare for what is yet to come.

Poor communication

You need someone to guide you on more profitable and efficient ways of running your business, yet you are stuck in a very reactive system where you’re constantly chasing feedback.

results from people switching

  • less time chasing paper
  • more forward focused
  • enjoying their business
  • more structure
  • better financial planning
  • less stressful days

Become a Thriver. Make the switch.

Surprise! We’re not like that.

We love joking with our new clients that it may be time to “Men in Black” themselves, once they  join ThriveCFO. You know, when you look into the bright flashlight Will Smith is holding up, and you forget everything leading up to that point. Well, you may want to do that once you come onboard as well…

Your fellow Thrivers rated us as exceptional

One of our core values is to always let the numbers speak for themselves. We received amazing feedback amidst the recent COVID19 pandemic. True testimony that the new normal has been our normal for a very long time.

Our May 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey results are in!

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We make it super easy to switch

Our industry leading, 7-day customer ONboarding process, has you covered every step of the way. As soon as your proposal is signed, the ONboarding begins.


Professional clearance
Transfer tax profiles


Xero conversion / obtain user access
Receipt Bank setup / Obtain user access


Xero training
Receipt bank training


SimplePay setup / obtain user access


Onboarding healthcheck & feedback

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