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“It is a major milestone for the company as the cloud accounting market accelerates. A huge opportunity exists for the ThriveCFO brand to become more synonymous with the services powering the revolution of financial management in the SME market”

Luan van Rhyn
Calypso Accounting Founder

Ahead of their time

After 12 years since opening its doors, Calypso Accounting has grown its services far beyond simply bookkeeping and accounting. It was one of the pioneers of the fixed pricing model in South Africa, back in 2008. The company also had a clear vision right from day one. Focus on management accounts and strategic advice instead of only the typical compliance work.

Many felt the company was operating ahead of its time. In essence it was, but this was also one of the contributing factors to its success at the time. And the clients came as a result.

Some of the challenges the company experienced in the early years, were balancing the cost of delivering their advisory services with the revenue it generated. Everything was manual and extremely time intensive. But the directive remained clear. They will not be seen as just another beancounter. In order to truly live up to this promise of being involved as more strategic advisors, the company would have to be patient for a number of years as the cloud accounting industry started to develop.

xero accountants

Cloud Accounting

As early adopters of becoming a fully cloud based firm back in 2015, they were able to truly embrace a whole eco-system of cloud accounting tools. This greatly enhanced their efficiency and service offering. As a result, they have become well known as the firm where you can always expect more than simply filing tax returns and bank recon’s.

Since migrating to a fully cloud based firm, the company has started to attract an international audience, with clients today spread over three different continents.


“The name change for us was really the opportunity to cement the identity we’ve always embodied, but the market may not yet have been ready for”, says Founder, Luan van Rhyn  

Calypso Accounting will formally adopt the new company name and branding from the 1st of July 2020.

This rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. Along with this change, a newly redesigned company logo has been revealed and a new website has just been launched. It prominently features the company’s focus on expanding their services and growing the ThriveCFO brand. The company’s ownership and staff have not changed.

Laser focus

ThriveCFO has found a niche market helping professional services companies, consultancies and creative agencies and will continue to hone its service offering around the needs of these clientele. There are some exciting additions to its existing list of services already planned for roll-out during the next 6 months.

Clients and colleagues alike, can continue to expect the continued drive towards excellent service they’ve become accustomed to over the last 12 years.

“After all this time, we truly understand the day-to-day struggles of our clients. Since narrowing our scope and focussing on the clients we discovered we can add the most value to, our service levels have skyrocketed. We are so much better poised to walk in their shoes and we are extremely excited about the complimentary services we’re about to roll out!” van Rhyn added.

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